Serene Spring 




For the first time Pantone, the color authority has anointed two colors of the year for 2016 -Rose Quartz (shades of pale pink) and Serenity (shades of baby blue). This softer take on color unlike the past deep hues like marsala and emerald is the apt antidote to modern day stresses. I don’t know about you, but just looking at these colors gives me peace and tranquility. Also how perfect are they for the Indian summer?

The combination of Rose Quartz and Serenity challenges traditional perceptions of color associated with gender and helps blurs the divide. With increased comfort with using color as a form of expression and less concern about being typecast or judged, an open exchange of digital information to different approaches to color usage will push gender equality and fluidity.

The colors have already been featured on the runways for both men and women by Emilio Pucci, Leanne Marshall, BCBG and Richard James and time to get them in your wardrobe.To incorporate these colors in your wardrobe easiest way is to combine the colors as separates. You don’t necessarily need to buy new outfit which has the two colors. Instead mix and match separate pieces to create your own version. You don’t have to be from head to toe in these colors, you can use these colors in your make-up and accessories.

If your closet, like most closets, mainly consists of white, grey, navy and black, rose quartz and serenity can be combined with all of them very easily either as separates or accessories.

I incorporated colors of year mixing rose quartz lace pencil skirt with clutch in serenity and splash of cobalt blue top to make the otherwise pastel outfit edgy. Let me know what you think of the look and about the color of the year in comment below.


My experience with sweeping lashes!


Set up at Lash Bee, Philadelphia

I am pretty accepting of my physical features. I am not ‘magazine perfect’, I’m petite, my weight fluctuates, my hair changes, my nose seems flatter and wider than it was (not kidding), but I love most aspects of how I look. Having said that, when I see someone with voluminous, long, dark lashes, that could fan a room on a warm day, I see green. I have envied Mr. H and his lashes everyday of our marriage. Why do his eyes sparkle even when he is tired? And I need to coat mine with gunky mascara or struggle with stick-on mascara to look presentable? 

Naturally, when I heard of eye lash extensions, I felt like this was my opportunity to get my cake and eat it too. Of course, I have never had a semi-permanent salon treatment done before, so I was jittery. I was looking for a salon that specializes in lash extensions and has trained professionals. LashBee in Philadelphia turned out to be perfect.  Co -founded by Anjali and Erin, Lashbee is dedicated to offering  fantastic  customer experience and lashes that last. Its been 10 days since I went in for the ‘procedure’ and am happy to report that I have had no side effects, my lashes stayed put & I feel amazing. 

Erin (co founder at LashBee) was warm, friendly and patiently walked me through the process. There is a lot one can choose from when it comes to lashes. You could choose volume, length, curl or a combination of all three. Lashbee offers an option of classic and volume sets. I wanted something that would give me fuller lashes while looking natural. We chose a classic lash set, Erin also explained that it is important to choose a set that your natural lashes can support. Or they would fall off much sooner or damage your natural lashes. Personally, I am very happy and if I may say so myself, my peepers look stunning. 

Eye lash extentions

Lash technician at Lash Bee working on a client

Why I love my new lashes

  • I love how I look when I wake up! I can really do #iwokeuplikethis post!
  • Reduced my time in front of the mirror drastically. All I do is slap on some cc cream, fill my brows, add gloss and I’m ready to go. My eyes look so sparkly, feminine and beautiful that I don’t feel the need to do more. 

I would highly recommend getting yourself an appointment on with the skilled team at LashBee for this amazing experience. I can’t wait to be back in Philly for my re-fills. Sweeping lashes are addictive!

How to care for your new lashes

  • Don’t let water touch them for 24 hours after application
  • No steamy showers for a day or two, the heat can ruin/weaken the glue
  • Avoid wearing mascara. The purpose of getting your lashes extended is to have longer, fuller lashes without the make up
  • Avoid sleeping on your face. Sleeping on your back is way better anyway!
  • It’s a good idea to avoid rubbing your eyes. This definitely will pull out your lashes way quicker than you’d like

Here are a few pictures of the process, before and after. I hope this post helps take an informed call on getting lash extensions.


Before and After


Getting my eyes primed for my new lash extensions.


Check out my sweeping lashes!


Love and other things part II


Continuing from previous post on valentine day gifting ideas, now let’s focus on the ladies and what will make their heart go mush. Here is our list of recommendation for the lovely woman in your life. Here is our list of picks from our favourite designer’s wear which are less than 10k INR.

Eina Ahluwalia – What better way to express your love to your lady than gift her neck-piece with love written. You can choose language of love in english, hindi or urdu. Eina also offers personalize neck-pieces with name or any other word you like.

Blueprint by Navya and Divya Niranjan – We recommend one of these block-print jacket or structure dresses by Niranjan sisters. They are classics and versatile.

FullSizeRender copy


Gayatri Chopra Bags – Get these fun, quirky and unique bags for your valentine, you can get in touch on facebook or email at 


Doodlage Get a personalize denim bomber jacket for your lady from Doodlage, which is made from up-cycle material and champions sustainable fashion.


431-88 Valentines is synonymous with red, and this red trench shift dress by Shweta Kapur makes the perfect valentines gift. If red seem too much, this stunning laser cut jacket is going to make your girl drool.



Silvense by Vrindaa Ashwani – If your girl loves chunky jewelry we recommend these stunning creation from Silvense.


Armaan Aiman – These embroidered sweatshirts and jackets in oxblood and navy are uber chic and perfect for last few days of winters. arman aiman

Nike Roshe – Sneakers with everything is biggest trend and if your girl is not the heel trotting kinds, we recommend gifting her a pair of Nike Roshe.


Love and other things.


It is that time of the year, when the heart shaped confetti pops up everywhere you look and love is in the air. With less than a week to Valentine ’s Day, if you need help to get the perfect gift for your better half, we are here to help.

A common misconception we often hear is that, designer labels are expensive and only fits a wedding shopping budget. The truth is, a lot of  ‘gen next’ designers doing fabulous work, are priced a little above at what you spend at high street labels like Zara or Mango. Chances of seeing someone at brunch in the same Mango maxi as you are high, so instead we are looking at design labels to with one of kind pieces to add to our gift list! These designers have showcased at the Lakme Fashion Week and Amazon India Fashion Week and are priced below 10,000 INR (150 $). In this post, we are listing gift ideas for the man in your life.

Nought One – Arjun Kapoor has been spotted wearing ubercool and edgy Nought One more than a couple of times.  Get these mesh panel shirts and shorts or zipper shirt on Koovs Men or get in touch with Abhishek Patni for a customized piece on their Facebook page or store in Shahpur Jat, Delhi.

zero zero mesh shirt

Spike Me – If your boy loves trucker caps and snap backs get a personalized cap by Spike Me. From getting his favorite word to spikes and even glow in dark ones. Prices start at 1500 INR.

Siddhartha Bansal – Why should girls have all the fun? Print has moved from being a women fashion trend to menswear in the last year. And when it comes to prints we are fangirls of Siddarth Bansal since his debut at Lakme fashion week this year. Get one of these jackets with kaleidoscope print or the kamdhenu print tee shirts. He has a store in Shahpur Jat and you can get in touch on his Facebook page. (Image source  Indiandandy)


Sayon -These handcrafted pure leather shoes come with a cork sole and are available for 5500 INR. You can get in touch with Sayon to place an order at


Manish Bansal label – We have often notice how men stick to basic black, blues and grey when it comes to trousers. We recommend you change that for your man by picking one of the gingham checkered pants and cropped trousers from Manish Bansal’s label. He also retails brogues and loafers in gingham checks, velvet and tassel. You can get in touch on his Facebook page or his studio in Preet Vihar, New Delhi.



Antar-Agni –If your man likes natural fabric and fluid silhouettes check out these kurtas, trousers, jacket and dhoti in khadi, linen and patent leather. You can get in touch on their facebook page or at Second floor studio, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 4.16.45 pm

AA SS 15 056 SET

RayBans – While Rayban doesn’t really fall under Indian designer label, we  have a lifelong love affair with aviators. Buy a pair aviators for your guy or you could also pick an Erika or Cat.

INR 7590INR - 9990

Let us know if this post was helpful and come back for the next one for the ladies.

The Social Network



Hello beautiful people. If you have been following our social media feed, you would have read Cheeky Ninja has booked her tickets to India. Lots of shoots, sangrias and fun times for us soon. I have been missing for a while but I promise I am back with a bang on the blog!

There’s a reason for my absence. I had been trying to wrap my head around the Instagram follower craze and Insta-bloggers that are popping up every day. This topic was hot news earlier when Instagram cleared fake accounts in 2014 and followers of several famous international bloggers and celebrity accounts dropped drastically. Here is a well research article on The Dirty Business of Buying Instagram Followers. Arie Purushu, a fellow blogger whose fashion illustration and content I am a fan of; wrote this piece earlier on the Instagram number game and how brands are overlooking blog content and readership.

Focus seems to have shifted from content to whats your instagram number. Since we’ve been blogging, our followers, comments, likes and mails have kept us motivated. So has working on creative concepts and interesting content. This change from real, engaged audiences to follower count, has been a little unnerving for me.  I’m grappling with wanting to balance content, increase followers organically and remain true to why we started blogging while staying in the business and earn a living.

Anyway, enough of these intense thoughts, back to the style post for today. Incidentally, Diesel sent me this t-shirt from their autumn/ winter collection with a pun on followers. I decided it’s perfect for a fun take on the situation. Here is a sneaky take to increase followers with emphasis on #OOTD 😉

IMG_20160129_173806Wear a cheeky tee-shirt in your #ootd

IMG_20160129_172042Add balloons to your #ootd post


Play with a puppy in your #ootd

IMG-20160128-WA0018Sip on cocunut water candily in your #ootd

Outfit details

T- Shirt – Diesel

Skirt – Clockhouse

Shoes – boutique in Camden, London.


Warm, Cozy & Swanky!


I witnessed a blizzard for the first time this weekend. Technically, it was a storm and everyone was warned to stay indoors, but I’ve never had so much fun in the snow before. Unlike last year, I didn’t hate the weather, I embraced it. I stepped out, jumped around, threw snowballs, drank hot chocolate, smiled at people & bought a ton of groceries to last us through a week of this snowcopolypse!

Winter knocked our doors late this year, but it’s here now & street style on the East Coast is changing rapidly. Given that I come from a tropical country, my winter wardrobe is still work in progress. There are a lot of options to shop winter wear at high street stores and luxury stores, but I am determined to find local stores and boutiques to find unique, one of kind pieces. From my friends here in America, I’ve learnt that thrifting is a great option to find affordable fashion. Since I haven’t really bought any vintage or thrifted clothing before, I am excited to explore thrift and vintage stores for cool finds too.

Last week, I spent a day walking around Old City, found these 3 stores that totally have my heart and I had to share them with you! Thanks Mo Wahome & John Ndicu for capturing window shopping and scouting spree! 

N 3rd Collective – The store used to be called Scout Salvage and was recently renovated and renamed after the street it is on. This cute vintage store has more than clothes, you can find a 10 volume leather bound set of 1960’s Shakespeare’s plays, wall sconces & locally made candles. N 3rd Collective has a ton of cute distractions, but walk to the back of the store & you’ll find a small but lovely collection of faux fur overcoats, collars and throws. Priced between $25 – $90, their collection is affordable and cute. Just remember to check hems, seams, buttons and pockets and always dry clean before you use!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

N3rd Collective

Shopping in Philadelphia 2

Thrifted Overcoats in Philadelphia

Faux fur collars, throws and jackets all from $20 to $90

Processed with VSCOcam with p4 preset

This faux fur coat was big on me, but this bag? I’m in vintage heaven!

Siouxzanne Messix’s Vintage & New store on 54 1/2 N, 3rd Street is adorable. Siouxzanne has owned, curated, sourced & managed this adorable shop in Old City for 16 years. I loved so many pieces in this store, right from these fur bags which she makes from old fur coats to sequined ear mitts. She also has a fantastic collection of jackets, my personal favorite was the rabbit fur which is very similar to the Chanel fur overcoat, but unfortunately it was too big for me. 

Vintage Fur Coat 2

This vintage rabbit fur coat was everything.  *Silent sobs for being petite 😦

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Siouxzanne makes these handbags from old fur coats. Priced $40 onward

Processed with VSCOcam with p4 preset

I’m not an animal print person, but for these cozy gloves, I might make an exception!

sequined ear mitts

Keep your ears warm and glamorous! 

Never Too Spoiled: You walk in to find giant dream weavers hung all over the store. Colorful drapes, vintage chest of drawers and mirrors add so much charm to this place. I’d could to live in this store! It’s a combination of Anthropologie and Free People, yet much more affordable! I am absolutely going back to get the shaggy cardigan I tried on in this post. Check them out at 108 N 2nd St, Philadelphia.  

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

Too much cuteness at Never Too Spoiled

Processed with VSCOcam with p4 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with p4 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

This shaggy cardigan was my favorite that day. This was too big on me and I’m waiting for them to bring my size ❤

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

That moment when you wear something and it makes you dance! 

I’m trying to cover more local boutiques and stores in Philadelphia, if you are one or would like to recommend some that I should check out, do drop me a line on or just leave a comment! 

New Year, Old Me!


Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetWe’re half way through the first month of the year already and in case you were wondering where we’ve vanished, here’s a quick hello from Philly. Both Sneaky and I are busy working behind the scenes to make some changes in 2016. The most important is the work on our new website, it’s been work in progress for a bit, but we should have it up in February. We’re also trying to finalize travel plans and figure which Fashion Weeks to catch this year. Philly had it’s own week (here’s a post from PFW 15), which will be great since Fern Mallis is mentoring the team.

Meanwhile, I am busy trying to figure which shows to catch at NYFW this February & then we have Lakme Fashion Week and Amazon Fashion Week in India too. Part of me wants to travel to India, shoot with Sneaky in Mumbai, eat Wada Pavs, Misal & Fish Fry and just skip the cold in Philly!

In other news, I am also on a self imposed shopping ban since after Thanksgiving. I think I over did it on Black Friday 😐 So this outfit post is using all things bought or gifted in 2015. I’ve styled my modest LOFT midi dress yet again, a third way. If you haven’t seen  how I wore it before, check out the posts here and here.

I absolutely love how versatile this dress has turned out to be. If you have a shirt dress, you should explore layering it this season over your casual sweater and denim outfit.

These photos are a result of an impromptu shoot within a planned shoot with Mo Wahome, a lady I absolutely adore & John Ndicu of Mzizi Media. I love days when you plan to shoot for one post but end up with pictures for two 🙂 Come back later this week for a fresh post on local boutiques in Old City for fun winter accessories.

Loft Shirt Dress, Nordstrom booties and Saddleback bagProcessed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetNordstrom BP booties

Leather Backpack: Saddleback leather. (I love these guys, Mr. H & I own a ton of their products)

Booties: BP by Nordstrom | Buy a pair from Macy’s here, another affordable pair here or spurge on Jimmy Choos here!

Cashmere Sweater: Halogen, Nordstrom | Get the same here

Dress, worn as jacket: The Loft | Find a similar one here | I am absolutely lusting after this one

Sunnies: Express

Photo Credit: Mo Wahome and  John Ndicu

Little blue dress



It is that time of the year when there is festivity in the air, confetti and celebrations all around and a zillion parties to attend. Are you bored of pulling out another LBD and need some advice on what to wear for the New Year bash? Don’t fret, we have compiled list of trends from FDCI Amazon India Fashion Week AW 2015 and tips on adapting them in your wardrobe for an air of drama this New Year.

Colour -Ditch the LBD this festive season and celebrate the fall colour palettes like mustard, green, blue, gray and plum. Or shine on in an outfit in metallic hues like copper and bronze. If you still want to go all black, check out Cheeky Ninja’s tips on how to stand out in sea of black here.

Silhouettes – Boxy silhouettes ruled the runway this year, from Amit Aggarwal to Abraham & Thakore for an overall clean look. The silhouette breaks up the proportion of the body and is extremely flattering on all body shapes and heights. A boxy Silhouette is all about emphasizing your best assets and hiding the flaws and the extra slice of that Christmas cake you ate last week. Skip the skin tight dress this season and go for a boxy jacket over a pencil skirt. You can also pair two boxy pieces together as easily, go for flowy pants with boxy top.

Detailing – We saw a whole lot of sequins detailing, beadwork, mesh applique, geometrical and abstract prints hand patched on the runway shows – from Malini Ramini to Hemant & Nandita. Clearly the devil is in the detail this season and we suggest you go full hog with surface embellishment.

Military uniforms – From Pero by Aneeth Arora’s Scottish checks and enamel brass button detailing to Virtues’s camo-printed pants with flimsy tunic uniform to military uniform inspired Balmain collection. Go for a military jacket inspired over a faux leather mini skirt or tartan skirt with Dr Martin boots to add edge to your look.

Fabric – natural fabrics like linen, merino wool, khadi, matka and banarasi silk and kala cotton have made a comeback on runway and used extensively by socially conscious designers like EKA, 11:11, Anavila and Sonam Dubal. This is one trend which is not just fashionable but great for our weavers and artisans as well.

Am wearing a blue sequin dress with abstract print applique hand patched in a boxy silhouette and a boxy Jacket by Siddhartha Bansal and a tie and dye clutch from Arancia. Bansal is definitely my favorite gen next designer, here is another outfit from his label I wore earlier. Would love to hear back if you found these tips helpful.

Photo credit – Frozen Pixel Studios, one of my favourite photographers specialising in wedding photography.






Countdown to 2016 with JORD Wood Watches


The countdown to the New Year is my favorite time of the year. To me, the dawn of the first day of a new year really does bring with it hope, renewed vigor to follow your dreams or sometimes it’s just a good time to reflect and carve out the good you’d like to do. I don’t like the word ‘resolutions’ because just like rules, they are meant to be broken. I’ve been creating a mood board of things that inspire, motivate or resonate with me. It’s a nice and more importantly pretty reminder of things I want to stay true to and focus on in a year. 

The end of the year is also a reminder of time. Time we’ve wasted, time we’ve invested, a time that was productive or a time that was unforgettable. This time, instead of a mood board, I wanted to try something new. I tried to create flat lays with my amazing new reclaimed wood wrist watch that the team at  JORD Wood Watch sent over. I’m using the watch to show the activities I’d like to invest time in. Before I go there, here’s a little bit about the brand if you haven’t already heard of them before. 

JORD is a luxury watch manufacturer like no other. I say this because, this is a watch made for the millennial, the millennial who cares about the environment, the millennial who is not afraid to experiment, the millennial who is proud of being unique.

My watch, the ELY series is made from dark sandalwood and scratch proof mineral glass. The team at Jord tells me, that they use only reclaimed wood for it’s products and this is the first thing I fell in love with. They offer free shipping worldwide and this makes it super easy to send a unique gift locally or internationally this holiday season. It’s a conversation piece and anyone who receives it will love the earthy, natural feel of the watch.

You can also choose the size of the watch with the simple instructions on their website to make sure that its a good fit. From a simple necessity to a style statement, the wrist watch has come a long way. Of course, the time piece has no meaning if we don’t use it wisely. One way to use your time wisely is to use this LIMITED TIME ONLY $20 off any JORD Wood Watches! CLICK HERE to generate your own $20 discount coupon as our gift for the holidays!

Now, on to my flat lays, which I’m hoping will be a fun reminder of the things I want to spend time on.


Be a Morning Person!


Get your heath on!

There are a lot of articles that talk about the brilliance of nocturnal beings, I am beginning to see the sense in ‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy and wise’. I don’t know about wealthy and wise, but I know I’ll get my ‘health on’ with some breakfast on time!




DO it yourself!

Instead of spending money buying furniture, I’m going to invest time in small redecoration ideas and doing it myself. I figured it’ll give a more personal feel to my home. Soon you’ll probably see posts on what I did with my TV cabinet or how I made my own room divider or I throw ‘help me paint the wall party’! 


On time, is on trend!

Since I’m always so keen on experimenting with my outfits, even if I like my outfit, I might change it up last minute sometimes making me late for my social engagements. I’ve been maintaining that I am fashionably late, but in 2016, #arriveontime is more in fashion!

These sound like resolutions , don’t they? Haha, but I hope it gives you some inspiration to jot down / snap your goals for 2016! Don’t forget you, for a limited time only you can get a $20 discount on these sustainable statement pieces that inspired this post. Generate your personal discount code here!

This is my last post for 2015! Happy Holidays and see you in 2016!

All photos by Khanya Brann. Khanya is an aspiring photojournalist and blogger, check out her inspiring work

Before I sign off, here are a few pictures of how I wore my new watch! JORD-WOOD-WATCH1406 JORD-WOOD-WATCH0053 JORD-WOOD-WATCH0035


Signing off for now

Not your average LBD



Aren’t we all in search of that one friend, who does not judge, stands by you in tough times and the two of you always look good together (on Instagram! haha)? You hang out with others, have fun too, but when all is said and done; you know there’s just that one person who is your undying advocate, has limitless morale boosting powers and won’t let you do anything stupid alone.

You’re probably already blessed with such a friend or your quest for this perfect person continues, when it comes to your wardrobe, look no further. Black has and will always be that timeless perfect friend that flatters, allures stands by you regardless of your size, shape & skin color. 

Despite it’s appeal, I rarely wear black or at least all black. Living in the west, I find that more often than not, one ends up being a part of a sea of black overcoats, boots and little black dresses. I feel like it’s tough to stand out. Blame it on my zodiac sign or whatever else, standing out is a part of me. In all aspects of life, wether it’s professional work, cooking a meal or putting together an outfit, I work on and enjoy being different. So how then do you create an all black outfit that makes you stand out in this sea of black?

My fellow Philadelphia lover and fashion blogger friend – Andrea Cano of The Mannequin Tattoo and I were a part of the HMBalmaiNation frenzy (America does that to you 😀 ) and we bought ourselves each a piece from the collection. 

We decided to style our BalmainxHM outfits to show off a couple of all black party outfit ideas for this season. 

Play with textures: Our outfits have velvet, silk, & fur. You can wear black pants, velvet top & a silk blazer, or a lace dress with a crop leather jacket. The options are infinite. 

Patterns: My outfit is self patterned & is instantly different from a regular LBD. Find mini skirts that are self pattered, pair them with with black stockings and a polo sweater. Add black loafers or booties and you have an instant casual yet alluring all black outfit.

Perfect canvas for make up: An all black outfit is a perfect canvas to experiment with make up and accessories. Try dramatic gold and cat eyes or rose gold blended smokey eye like Andrea. If you haven’t tried a rep lip yet, this could be your opportunity to give it to wear one. Our amazing make up was by Tiara Parker. Check her profile on Instagram and Facebook. Email her for inquiries on

All photos by Brandon Wyche, check out his work on and connect with him for lifestyle shoots on 

All black outfit with gold zipper black outfit with fur shoes All-black-hoiday-outfit-inspiration-HMBALMAINation

All black holiday outfit ideas

Failing miserably at being HMBALMAINATION models haha

Gold Cateye Make Up

Closer look at my gold cat eye make up & HMBALMAIN ring

Rose Smokey Eye

Closer look at Rose Smokey Eye make up on Andrea

Outfit Detail

On me

Velvet Silk Dress: HMBalmain | Faux fur shoes: Shoe Dazzle | Belt: HM | Ring: HMBalmain

On Andrea

Silk Blazer: HMBalmain | Shoes: Primark | Dress: Forever21